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Spray Tanning

There’s no doubt that a golden tan makes us look and feel better. But the effects of the sun are so damaging to skin that most of us avoid sunbathing these days.

A spray tan can offer you a light, medium or deeply tanned look, covering small skin imperfections and giving you a healthy, sun-kissed glow without any negative side-effects.

I use only reputable brands such as Techno Tan, Black Magic and Moroccan which give a natural looking tan with no orange tinge and are suitable for sensitive skin. The depth of the tan can be modified to suit your skin shade and personal preferences. A spray tan will fade away naturally over time but usually lasts up to two weeks.

Quick and Effective

Spray tans are surprisingly quick to apply with the entire full body procedure generally taking less than 15 minutes.

So it’s definitely something you can get done in your lunch hour, although I recommend you wear loose clothes when visiting the clinic for a spray tan so the effect doesn’t rub off on them. However, you don’t need to worry about the product staining your clothes because if any does come off on them it should easily wash out.

Preparation and High Quality

I ensure a high quality result by thoroughly preparing your skin before the spray tan is applied so that it goes on evenly without any tell-tale dark patches. I’m highly trained at using the spray tan machine and have a good eye for detail so you can be sure you’ll get a great result.

If you’re under 18 you’ll need parental consent to get a spray tan and it’s best avoided if you have any broken or inflamed skin.

If you’d like to enjoy the look and feel of a suntan without the damaging side effects that come from sunbathing, spray tanning is the answer.

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