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Cosmetic Tattooing

As a highly qualified and experienced beautician, who specialises in cosmetic tattooing, I create natural looking tattoos to emphasise, highlight and enhance your unique features. Cosmetic tattooing is a safe, semi-permanent solution and I offer:

Eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing is an ideal solution for people with sparse eyebrows, or for anyone experiencing eyebrow loss due to medical treatment, over-plucking or the natural hair loss most of us experience as we age. Eyebrow tattooing is also becoming increasingly popular for people who want to create the illusion of perfect arches, thicker eyebrows or even a brow lift. When done correctly, with fine, natural-looking or feather-like strokes, cosmetic tattooing on the eyebrows can make you look years younger and give you an instant confidence boost.

Lip tattooing

Lip tattooing can be used to perfect uneven lips, create fuller looking lips or restore a youthful look to ageing or thinning lips. Lip tattooing comes in a range of colours and is immediately rejuvenating. Lip tattooing can be subtle, so no one ever knows you’ve had it done, or bold to create an impact and allow you to feel confident without makeup. I can match your lip tattooing to your natural lip colour or your favourite lipstick depending on what look you want to achieve.

Eye-liner tattooing

If you love the way your eyes look with eyeliner but don’t have the time or skills to achieve a good line or don’t enjoy the feel of makeup on your skin, eye-liner tattooing is for you. I can mimic the colour, width and stroke of your favourite eyeliner and application technique to highlight your eyes and make you look beautiful 24/7, with no smudging or smearing.

Our non-toxic pigments are made in the USA and are FDA approved. Our semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing will last between two and twenty years and can be easily touched up when they fade naturally after time.

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